Goosebumps -2 stay out of the basement

Stay out of the Basement ORIGINAL COVER

Stay Out of the Basement is the 2nd book in the Goosebumos series. It's tagline is Something's waiting for you in the Dark.


The story starts with sister and brother, Casey and Margaret Brewer are playing frisbee outside on a sunny, hot day in Calafornia. Casey, about to throw the frisbee at his father but he quickly and little rudely says No because he has too much work to do. Casey and Margaret dad was a scientist and was very busy doing his work. The day he got fired by PolyTech their father had been in the basement and experimenting with plants. Whenever Casey went down to the basement her father held up a hand and said the usual ... Stay out of the basement. Casey's mom had a sick sister in Tuscon and reminded Margaret, Cassey and even Margaret's best friend Diane to not disturb her hisband and make sure he eats his meals. When Mr.Brewer got out of the basement and was ready to take Ms.Brewer to the airport Diane gets an idea. The 3 should explore the basement. Even though Casey would have wanted to watch his horror movie he goes to the basement with Margaret and Diane. They go down the basement and see many plants. Casey sees a gargantuan glass contraption similar to a phone booth hooked up to a generator in the corner. He walks over to
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Cover made in 2003

touch it but gets shocked with a dozen volts. After admonshing him for his prank the girlsstop and listen and some of the plants sound like they are breathing and their tendrils are beckoning to come closer. After that the children wisely decid eto go upstairs just as Mr.Brewer was coming in to the driveway and Casey remembers his sweater is still in the basement! Casey runs down to get it but one of the plants hold his hand and won't let go. Luckily Margaret comes in the nick of time and rescues Casey. As they get out of the basement Mr.Brewer sits the mdown and begins to say ... One day they will all go down there and he'll explain everything to them but for now it's off limits. The next morning Ms.Brewer explains to Margaret that her sister is still sick and she will stay there for more than a few days. Margaret expains the basement and how now Dr.Brewer always wears a Dogers Cap. Her mom tells her that now he has something to proove to Mr.Martinez( his old boss that fired him).

Horrorland edition

Margaret then goes to the basement and spies her father eating something after he leaves she looks at it and sees that its .. Plant Food!! Margaret quickly tells Casey but Casey doesn't think it's weird for him to eat plant food and calles himself Plant Man ad calls her WeedWoman
while Margaret makes Casey a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 2-3 days later the 3( Margaret, Casey and Diane) are playing frisbee again .. Casey then again throws the frisbee at her dad and knocks of his Dodgers Cap and sees none other than plants as hair. Their father tells them if they know anything about DNA and he tells them he is experimenting to make plant/human hybrids. The glass booths are his transports. He is close to succeeding but he hasn't made it work yet. That night Margaret(again) spies on her father and sees him taking off his bandaid and his wound is GREEN!! She aso spies on his bedroom and it's crawling with dirt and worms. The following day Margaret tells Casey all about their dad. And suddenly their dad appears and brings them lunch .. Green mashed patatoes. He yells at them to eat it but the the kids are saved by the doorbell with (surprise) Mr.Martinez to check on their fathers progress. The siblings take that time to throw eeryting away and say they had eaten it. The next day Mr.Brewer tells the 2 siblings he'll be out to install a sink in the neighborhood. The 2 siblings take this chance to go back in the basement. As they go down the stairs they see Mr.Martinez's coat and realize they never saw him get out. The 2 soon hear footsteps and find out there father is back. The 2 get out only to be caught by Mr.Brewer(again). He explains that Mr.Martinez could not bear the tropical enviroment and left his coat there. He goes back to work on the sink and threatens the kids to Stay Out Of The Basement. Later that very day they hear noises from the basement and investigate and see something shocking 2 fathers. 1 is a clone made by Mr.Brewer. Not sure which is the real one Margaret picks up a hatchet and cuts one of the fathers. Blood gushes out and quickly Margaret kills the clone. 1 week later they see their father burninfg all his plants and he tells them he is dropping his work. Meanwhile a smaller plant prods on Margaret and says ... Im your real father.

Major EventsEdit

Margaret and Casey find out their father has a clone

Margaret kills the plant clone

Dr.Brewer quits being a scientist.

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Margaret Dr.Brewer Clone
Casey Plants